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African Narratives

African Narratives (AFNA) is a section 21 NPO that is established in 2014 to assist in the development of a vigorous grassroots literature in South Africa. AFNA has grown out of a small publishing company in Johannesburg (Porcupine Press) in response to the current exclusionist and profit-dominated nature of the books industry in South Africa. Millions of readers have limited access to local books and thousands of writers have no guidance or support as they pursue their thirst to be heard.
AFNA has an advisory board of writers and people with related skills and is being used to guide the affairs of this section 21 company. The main aim of the company is the development of grassroots literature in South Africa, as well as the distribution of local literature into the local communities where it’s most needed.

Our Mission

South Africa is working towards a universal literacy, building a culture of life-long learning, and of further developing a culture of reading as an essential component of a healthy participative democracy.

AFNA’s mission is to support democracy by bringing support and real opportunities to writers, small publishers, book sellers, and readers in regions and communities hitherto ignored by the mainstream book trade.


Key Objectives

To promote local books to local readers;

To stimulate added interest in writing and reading of  local literature;

To increase the credibility of AFNA as a fundraising entity;

To increase the availability of high-quality locally produced literature; and

To enhance AFNA’s efforts to provide an international shop for local South African literature.

Our Vision

To support the development of South African writers

To provide professional services and quality craftsmanship to facilitate the dissemination of work by local writers

To assist in improving the image and quality of self-publishing in South Africa

To explore both old and new trends in the publishing and distribution environment in South Africa

Our Projects

AFNA has developed a four-node response to assist in nurturing the local books revolution of South Africa.

1. To create training modules for independent authors and small independent book publishers;

2. To create a publishing fund for local books;

3. To distribute locally published books into established distribution channels and to grow and develop alternative book distribution streams, and

4. To market and promote books via the AFNA key projects.