We created a distribution plan which is designed to establish an efficient methodology for the direct selling of books at community level in South Africa.

How it works:

This AFNA/Activate pilot project – BooksDirect – seeks (i) to strengthen the grassroots groundswell of interest in books and reading, and (ii) to furnish affordable local books to new markets via the direct selling model – in this way:
A catalogue of 150 local books (supported by regular monthly new releases) will become available to local communities via the book agents.
A portion of the sales revenue will be retained in the local economies .
The pilot project will be supported by national publicity vis social media and local awareness campaigns via posters, pamphlets and events.
To encourage business growth, the direct-selling ‘book agents’ will deal with the whole ‘local books for local readers’ package, which includes: 


Create your own business with a low start-up investment.

Diversify your revenue stream. The BookDirect programme is a low-cost way to explore additional revenue streams.

This is an excellent opportunity for you to earn extra income. There’s no risk to you, accept for giving it your all in making a difference to South Africa’s readership growth.

Readers (your customer) will benefit from excellent local content. Some books will empower them to be more goal orientated, driven and to become successful in their personal life.

Great savings to your customers. All books sold in our catalogue are discounted by 20% from the original sales price.

The opportunity to receive cash bonuses and incentives when reaching certain sales targets.

BooksDirect allows small and medium sized publishers and independent authors to sell and fulfil sales of print books directly to readers via the Activators personal sales network. This means that you are directly adding value to the livelihood of local authors, which will allow them to write more books in order for South Africa to have a large selection of local content.

You can feel proud to recommend our books to anyone. Our list of books adheres to a strict quality and ethical policies.

Make a difference to grassroots literacy and learning. 
This handbook now deals with the basic business procedures to be followed by ‘book agents’ in the BooksDirect pilot project.

In Summary: (Keys to success)

You don't need a sales background - just a love for books.

Make sure that you learn to know the books you sell and what sells best.



Getting Started:

We will show you exactly what to do to ensure that you can create an additional income stream through our BooksDirect bookselling programme system over the next 6 months.

This programme will start small, but it can grow into a huge income over successive months and years. As the pilot bookseller, you are building the foundation for many other young South Africans to sell local books into their local communities. Thus, creating a new readership at local community level.
Lets have a look at the profit margins:

An amount of R30 or more has been added to the wholesale price of the book to serve as the book agent’s commission. Here’s an example:Wholesale price from distributor: R50 + R30 commission = R80 retail price.