Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: What’s to stop the book agent from adding R40 commission?
A: Nothing – except market forces. The higher the retail price becomes, the less the book is likely to sell.
Q: What’s to stop the book agent reducing the commission to R25 to sell more books?
A: Nothing – but important to note here that prizes, bonuses and added incentives will be based on number of books sold.
Q: How should the revenue from retail sales be used?
A.i: The commission can be used as income. At R30 per book, a total of 134 books per month (31 sales per week) would need to be sold to achieve a monthly income of R4000.
A.ii: The commission can be split between income and building the business by increasing the range of sample books to show potential customers.
Q: Should all the wholesale price income be retained for replenishing sample stock?
A: Yes, otherwise sample stocks will diminish and business will be lost.  
Note: The small initial stock of books is supplied free of charge.
Q: Where can I sell my books?
A: As a BooksDirect seller, you can sell books virtually anywhere at home parties, playgroups, public events, school book fairs, to your work colleagues... the list is endless. In return we’ll pay you generous rates of commission and you will also have access to free and discounted books for yourself.
Q: What does it mean to be a Books Direct seller?
A: Our mission is to share local stories, written by local authors. As a BooksDirect seller, you can earn an income and make a difference in our South African grassroots literature landscape. You can run your business at your time and in a way that benefits you.
Q: What are the ways I can sell these books?
A: This is a flexible business and you can sell books in the way it works best for you. BooksDirect sellers earn money by marketing and selling catalogued books products in their communities through home parties, community events like school fairs or fundraisers. You can be creative as much as you like.
Q: What is the time commitment for running my bookselling business?
A: This is your business. You are in control and decide how much time you want to invest reaching your personal gaols. You can dedicate 5 – 10 hours a week, or you can treat it as a full-time job. The advantage is that you can stay flexible depending on your schedule and earning goals.
Q: How will I be paid?
All commissions and bonuses earned in any calendar month are paid into your SA bank account within 7 working days of the month following the month in which they are earned.
Q: Is there a minimum order?
A: You need to manage your business the best way that benefits you. There is minimum order value of 5 books. Any orders less than 5 books will be held back, unless special arrangements for dispatch have been made.
Q: Is there a certain sales threshold to meet?
A: There is no sales threshold; however the BookDirect project is an opportunity to make income in a way that fits your needs. Not requiring a certain minimum in sales gives BookDirect sellers the flexibility and freedom to run their business in their own way.